Talk Less. Do More.

January 14, 2014
We say too much and do too little.

"Evil words destroy. Godly skill rebuilds." - Proverbs 11:9 Living Bible


Only Right and Wrong.

January 14, 2014
It's not about more.

It's not about best.

It's not about biggest, flashiest or newest.

It's about right. Right timing, right attitude, right work ethic, right product.

There is only right and wrong. If you already know what you're doing wrong, you're ready to step on the right road.

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Don't Be Self-Absorbed

January 14, 2014
Self-absorbed people won't stop to reflect on their failures and how they can improve in the future.


The world is bigger than you. Life is not about you. It's about finding the purpose for which you were placed here.

A hint: This purpose will bring joy, healing and betterment to others. You will either be blessed for being a blessing or miserable for focusing only on yourself. Why is this such a difficult concept for us to grasp?

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On Celebrating the Christmas Season

January 14, 2014
Friend, I have a proposition for you. Tonight, on Christmas Eve--the eve before we, as a nation, celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ--take a few moments of silence. Go into your bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen...even a closet, even your vehicle if those are the only places you can be truly alone...and close your eyes. Soften your heart. Humble your pride. 

Without hesitation, begin thanking your Heavenly Father for every blessing you have. Starting with thankfulness for His mercy is always ...

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Approval from Others

April 15, 2013

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I'm a believer in hope. I believe there is a Way, a Truth and Life. I seek this in Jesus Christ, every day. This separates me from the ways of the world. Somtimes, my King speaks to me. I keep this Advice tab as a reminder to myself of those times, and I publish it in case someone else might find these lessons as helpful as I do. All words here come from God, through me, and are delivered in love, prayerfully, that you might be blessed for receiving them.

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